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i wanted to be a big star, baby. i didn't mean to squeeze so fucking hard.

pressed the seven sequenced silver panic buttons,
the distress calls that fall on a distracted short-wave signal.
a metronome timed to my panic stricken breathing
and a pulse conducted by our dying lines.
you said my heart sounded like a payphone in the rain.
distorted, distant, scrambled and desperate.
baby, i swear to god tonight i am sober.
it's the reception between us that's failing.
everything's coming out all frenzied and confused.
she's got what it takes to make collapsing a habit
and a dance out of a tantrum fit (it's tragic but i am sobering up).
pick up the phone.
tonight i feel like the hero of a rusting war.
my touch has the timing and precision of a car wreck.
no use translating the trembles.
they're symptoms of repetitive testing for fluctuation.
if i come back home, i am bringing back the bends.
so give me a kiss. let me taste the reptilian appeal.
say it again baby. does it turn you on? does it get you hot?
i get a little hysterical sometimes.
the panic you shouldn't have been so sentimental.
all that kicking and screaming.
everything i touch starts peeling.
we malfunction like machines.
get up off the floor and answer the phone.
i want to be a big star.
didn't want to touch so hard.
open the door.
i am your deviant satellite, an orbit defected by the ballast of words.
you're the reason for collisions.
i am face down like a sailor washed up under your window.
tonight is a shipwreck.
navigating through disorder.
now every electric star hums like a telecaster.
how punk rock is that?
you're so oblivious.
baby, you're my oblivion.

christmas gift list:

new bury your dead.
etid last night in town re-issue
etid burial plot bidding war (glad to have an actual copy)
volcom track jacket
gap jeans discounted extremely (after christmas sales own)
lord of the rings return of the king
the lost boys
planes, trains, and automobiles
the most comfortable pajama pants ever
a pillow form nicole witha little bookle tin it with lyrics to such great heights by the postal service and an explanation for the purpose of that pillow. it is..no lie my favorite gift of all.
an evergreen terrace burned alive by time shirt
scarlet hollywood shirt.
a good amount of money remaining to be spent on who knows what.

i am excited about new years eve because it is always loaded with good times and memories and awkward silences and arguments. my family is even out of control on christmas eve/day. it is like we say some of the most politically incorrect things at the most inopportune times. we are capable of rendering al sharpton speechless. i would love (before i get together with the family)for nicole and i to hang out with danielle and kyle. it just seems like a very fit thing to do since we are the two best couples on the planet. i am very hungry right now iand i am debating ordering a pizza. everyone go out and buy new cd's and give me a review and your opinion on them (sinc ei don't have enough ideas of cds to buy.) tell me what you've been listening to. tell me how everything is going and tell me everything that you got for chistmas. i sound like a distant uncle who only randomly shows up when he feels guilty for her lack of appearance in your life. he says he lives in north dakota but the truth is he is right down the street and just does not want to deal with your horrible family? the master of random thoughts ladies and gentlemen. i love you nicole sweetheart. new years eve repeat of last year. what a great night it is going to be.

comment kids. i would appreciate it.
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