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we're all fucking dead

To my mistress the bridge, I don't feel well. I'll be leaving and you can't stop me. We've been carrying on too long, I'm sorry, but I'm gone. I've got a bad reputation to think about. I've been dirty, I've been wrong. Maybe someday they'll find that I've washed up. I'm stepping out to clear my head. I'm breathing in to fill my lungs. We're all dead. Farewell scenic highway overpass. It's better this way anyways. My lover the river makes a better soldier than a bride. But I left my suit at the side of her bed and she's got the warmest body that I've never had. Drag the lake, you'll find that it's full of love. Bring the children to the water and let them see what heartache did. This matrimony needs a witness, and you can teach them to swim. Don't let your dreamers grow up to be dead men. Drown us at birth, save her some time. Drifting on romantic holiday, breathless as her cold arms cover me. Drag the lake. You will find it is full of love.

so i am finally out of shol for thanksgving break. if you have keep up with my journal as of late you know that things have been going well for quite awhile, but also if you follow my entries you know that i have a once every two month angry rant. so here goes. yesterday i go to government second period and we didn't have anything to do so we went into the tech lab ith the economics class which my cousin brice and friend jersain are in. these people from this technical schoo entitled the devry institute were there. i see temon day time regular tv. tells you how legitimate they are and how qualified you have to be to go there. their commercials come on during jerry springer along with the worker's comp crap. anyway. we had to check these boxes that fit us under different categories. whatever. then there was a code. difficult to explain. anyway. i was the only one with the code C-A-I and there wa sno profession on there with that code so the recuiting lady told me..'you'll have to hange your personality and goals because what you filled out doesn't eet the requirements of any of these professions.' thankful for that woman the bell rang. she reminded me of rupaul. i ranted and spoke my mind to my friend and expressedmy disapproval for this woman's 'ability' to tell me what i can and what i cannot do. iwas outside in between campuses going to english and i said to george, 'god damnit, man.' this elder black teacher comes up to me and says..'did i hear you ue the lord's name in vain.......'

alright stop. time froze as i looked down into this woman's eyes with sheer hatred. ok. i replied..'well, it depends on how long you've been listening in.' i apologized for using profanity because sre it's not proper at school, whatever. once again. if you know me you can just imagine my reaction to this woman's words. visualize my facial expression. do you ever become extremely angry with the world and the actions of the people that inhabit it. people killing children by cutting their arms off. seriously what kind of world is this.

kill me now.

nicole i am ready for tomorrow and the first actual thanksgiving spent in eachothers' presence. i am proud of you and your temorary job that has the potential of being a full-time in the future i am sure. i want to call you. have a nice day, sweetheart.
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