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original material. feedback.

sleep well tonight my dear, for this may very well be your final night to grace this world with your presence. wait, darling dont budge. do not make this any more difficult or heart wrenching than it has to be. would i be asking too much of you to keep this bloody mess and your angelic voice contained? just a few ticks of the clock, i promise. didn't your parents ever teach you that patients is a virtue? your skin has never been quite this pale..don't worry. i can fix that.

there, baby. now it's as blue as your eyes.

forever repelling your hollowpoint words and force feeding every last one of them down your fucking throat.

..and i will set your wings of silk ablaze.

"6 duffle bags-$2.00
2 murder weapons-$7.50
1 mop with pine sol-$5.23
the feeling of satisfaction- priceless.
(aka i'm sorry.)"
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