.chase! (elitexflame) wrote,

kenze has demanded me write an entry about her. kenze is my best friend. kenze and i are troublemaking sacreligious motherfuckers who like to watch movies together and sit on our own comfortable couch in foley's inside of towne east mall. we have several idiotic pictures of us together doing stupid things such as stealing pine cones out of people's yards. she used to live in sanger(which is like over an hour away), but starting in april the unthinkable happened..she started going to school with me. awkward i know. and i am so much cooler than her cousin. we had met in person 2 or 3 times and then all of the sudden..BAM. everyday. i am the coolest friend she has ever had in my opinion. lol. i don't know. we have gone to three shows together.

april 10th- as i lay dying, everytime i die, black dahlia murder, scarlet.

may 1st- slipknot, chimaira, fear factory, death by stereo.

may 8th- a static lullaby, the bled, vendetta red, the lonely kings, reitisonic.

kenze knows my girlfriend. they are funny. kenze has a boyfriend and his name is paolo and he is supposedly in a 'band' called blink 185 as they were dubbed my mckenze and allison. ha. i am..so happy to have kenze as a friend. before she moved here..in my eyes this town was dull. i needed a friend away from the alcohol and immaturity. she brought that to me and i am thankful for that. i'd hate to have to go to school next year..not seeing her face. i never thought it would be this fun. yes, we annoy eachother sometimes, but that's the beauty of it.

thursday july first- the rocket summer, plaine white t's, number one fan, kevin devine. (not much of a fan, but kenze is)

wednesday august 11th- evergreen terrace, the red chord, a life onc elost, fear before the march of flames.

it's hanging in the balance kenze.
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